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Thread Milling

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Vargus offers the most comprehensive Thread Milling solutions in the industry.
Vargus' thread milling carbide metal
cutting tool system has been recognized
as the industry standard since its initial patented "trapezoidal" indexable system design was introduced.
As CNC technology for milling threads races forward, and as thread milling becomes ever more popular as an excellent solution for manufacturing threads of many types, Vargus continues to offer new and updated solutions to the machining specialist.

Vargus MiTM - The FASTest Indexable Thread Milling Tool!
The NEW MITM thread mill is designed to reduce cycle time when generating large threads by using long inserts in a multiple-flute holder. MiTM allows significant increases
in feed rates and reduced the number of machining passes. MiTM threading tools make use of two cutting edges per insert, which considerably extends tool life.

Understand the Many Advantages of Thread Milling
Thread milling has become an increasingly popular alternative to tapping and thread turning.

For example, thread milling is a great choice over tapping when:

Your workpiece is very large and cannot be easily mounted on a lathe
Your workpiece is non-rotatable or parts are unsymmetrical
You want to want to complete the drilling and threading operation in one clamping
You have a power limitation on your milling machining
You have chip-flow problems
A high quality surface finish is required on your thread
You want to reduce your tooling costs
Vargus Offers the Most Comprehensive Thread Milling System in the Industry
Whether or not you use the TM Gen to assist you in your choice of thread milling tool, the tool you choose has to also consider the number of parts or holes that are being produced and the desired cycle time. For example, choosing between a single or multiple-flute replaceable insert threadmill will have cost versus cycle-time considerations to take into account. In the case of small holes, where replaceable indexable tooling may not be feasible, solid carbide tooling should be considered.
A multi-purpose tool, like the new Vargus solid HeliCool-C or HTC threadmill eliminates tool changes between operation, resulting in significant cost and time savings, together with improved quality in many cases.

No hole is too small to be threaded by a Vargus thread mill!!!
The He-Lex line features through-hole cooling for excellent chip evacuation, especially in small blind holes.
The MilliPro miniature solid threadmill is ideal in threading difficult-to-machine materials where taps typically break.
The HeliCool-R provides an excellent solution to chip evacuation when threading through-holes.
The Vargus "Thriller" tool can perform multiple operations - drill, chamfer and thread with one single tool!
The HeliCool-R tool combines a threadmill and chamfering tool in one!