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Boring Bar

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  X-Bar Boring Bars
• Incorporating a special dampener mechanism, X-Bar Boring Bars eliminate chatter for extremely fine finishes and extra long tool life. Providing smooth finishes at up to 6X L/D, the X-Bar is ideal for extended overhang applications. Costly carbide and standard steel boring bars cannot compete with the superior rigidity of the anti-vibration X-Bar. All X-Bars are equipped with coolant holes to improve chip flow. A wide variety of chipbreakers are available, including the new positive style ELU and ESU designs, in CCMT, TCMT and TPMT geometries.

  ANSI STD Combination Boring Bars with Through Coolant
• These boring bars feature proven lock pins for negative rake geometry inserts. They are ideal for unground, negative rake inserts or utility and precision ground inserts. Integral coolant delivery versions are available.

  ANSI ISO Screw-On Boring Bars
• These boring bars are available with steel, carbide, or heavymetal shanks, ranging in size from 3/8" to 1" and coolant through the tool. They are designed to ISO-ANSI standards, and use special insert holding screws. Versions are available with anti-vibration steel shanks.

  SumiTurn Boring Bars
• SumiTurn Boring Bars are available in styles using negative inserts and 5, 7, 11 and 15 degree positive inserts. They are for bores as small as .228" using the BSWJO design. Select from steel or carbide shanks versions. Various locking methods and unique Sumitomo designs are available.