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Ceramic Series: Key Benefits
Excellent wear resistance and long tool life
Stability over a wide variety of machining applications
Produces excellent surface finishes

HC1, HW2
HC1 is a HIP (Hot Isostatic Press) processed highly pure (Al2O3) white alumina ceramic. This sintering process results in a highly dense and fine grain structure which improves wear resistance, tool life, and toughness. HW2 is similar to HW1. Use HW2 in applications were increased toughness is required.


General turning and boring of gray cast iron
Rough and finished cylinder liner materials
Tube scarfing

HC2, HC5, ZC4
These grades of ceramic consist of properly proportioned aluminum oxide and titanium carbide (Al2O3+TiC) sintered under pressure. The resulting products are stable over a vast range of machining conditions. HC2 is a general purpose ceramic. HC5 is a premium grade for hard turning in steel mills. Gold coated ZC4 has the finest grain structure which is best suited for hard turning versus CBN applications.


General turning and boring of gray cast iron
Turning of hard materials (under HRC65)


HC6 is a unique (TiC) ceramic composite material. This grade is specifically designed to machine ductile cast iron. It demonstrates superior wear at high speeds. As an added benefit, this ceramic produces excellent surface finishes. HC6 toughness and thermal shock resistance surpasses standard Al2O3 and TiC ceramics HC6 can be run with or without coolant.


Semi-finish and finish turning of ductile cast iron
High speed cutting of gray cast iron