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New Products

Grade SX1 Silicon Nitride                More Spec.
NTK grade SX1 notched style Silicon Nitride inserts for rough turning cast irons


This clamping system eliminates insert movement even under the most severe cutting conditions
Insert stability leads to more predictable tool life
Increased inset thickness reduces the chance of breakage

PCD Milling Cutters                        More Spec.

NTK introduces indexable PCD milling cutters for high speed machining of aluminum


No presetting and no adjustment of cartridge - just install the insert, tighten the screw, and start machining
No regrinding of the PCD insert - disposable
Higher feed capability because of an additional insert per cutter diameter


Notched Grooving Inserts                   More Spec.

Introducing NTK's new notched grooving inserts in wear resistant grades of micro-grained carbide, ceramic, cermet, and silicon nitride for the most demanding materials and applications.


Higher cutting speeds and increased wear resistance
Ceramic, cermet, and silicon nitride can be used with or without coolant
Obtain superior micro-finishes on bottom and sidewalls of grooves
A choice of four grades of cutting tool materials to cover almost all speed and material applications