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High-Performance Solid Carbide Drills
The all new GOdrill addresses drilling operations in a diameter range of 1–12,7mm (.0394–.5") in a broad
variety of materials and applications such as fuel systems or medical components. Due to its very unique
design, the GOdrill expands the advantages of modular drills into the small diameter range: high-end grades,
wear-indicator coating, and new, patented geometries enable full utilization of the drill's tool life capacity.
The GOdrill qualifies as a very cost-effective, throwaway-type tool in the given diameter range.

Modular Drills
Introducing the all new KenTIP inserts, made of KCP15™ grade, specially developed to provide longer tool life
for steel applications.
The KenTIP Modular Drill System offers performance levels commonly achieved with solid carbide drills.
The patented locking system enables inserts to be changed inside the machine tool. Use KenTIP in steel,
cast iron, ductile iron, and stainless steel applications.

High-Performance HSS-P-M Taps
Tapping is a critical part of the machining process, which is typically performed in the final stages of manufacturing
after high value has already been added to the product. Therefore, high-quality taps are needed to ensure that
products retain their value.


Indexable Drills
KD1425™ high-performance PCD inserts for indexable drills are specially designed for machining
non-ferrous materials like glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRP) very often used with wind mill
blades. Due to its wear resistance, these PCD inserts also provide the highest tool life in roughing
operations in other materials like aluminum, brass, or copper.