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Products / Seco

Seco is well-known for its wide,
innovative and powerful range of cutters and inserts for milling.

Our milling products are suitable for machining almost any work material
from soft steel or easy-to-machine aluminum to difficult-to-machine super alloys.

MM4500 is developed specifically for applications requiring a very tough insert.
When conditions are unstable with long overhangs, interrupted cut or vibrations,
MM4500 is the grade to use

Disc Milling
The cornerstone of Seco's approach to disc milling is to offer the widest range of inserts,
cutter bodies, and attachment types in the industry.

Double Octomill™
The new generation Double Octomill R220.48 face milling cutter is a highly versatile,
economic and productive tool that can be used for both roughing and finishing. It’s also unique!